TMW Protocol Test Harness compliance with DNP3?


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I'm currently evaluating the TMW Protocol Test Harness software for DNP3 simulation. I've a question about one simulation I make:

On my PC, I configure 1 DNP3 master on com1 and 1 DNP3 slave on com2. For the slave data, "generic slave" is used.

When master asks all variations of object type 30 (Analog input), the slave answers with all its 75 analog input variables.... OK. BUT when master asks only for the variation 4 (16 bits analog input without flag) or any other variation (1, 2, 3), the slave answers with all the 75 analog input variables again!!! I do not understand! I think that the slave should answer with only the analog input with the required variation (1, 2, 3 or 4), no???? Besides, if an analog input variable value is greater than +32767 (slave's side), then the value is truncated when variation 2 or 4 (16 bits) is asked (master's side).

Is this behaviour really compliant with the DNP v3.00 specifications??

Thanks a lot for your help!