To Conduit or Not To Conduit

Hello Team,

Just put together a quote to configure a plant for Ethernet to each machine center. A huge portion of the quote is to run the ethernet through new conduit. That's 17k of the overall quote. Total quote was 65k. Is running the ethernet through conduit really needed? Why not get some all weather reinforced shielded Cat 6A cable and zip tie it all over the place. Its not like someone is going to run a forklift through the joist of the ceiling above the machine centers and cut an ethernet cable. I feel the customer will balk at the overall cost so I don't like developing solutions I cannot stand by. Overall, I feel that it is blasphemy to suggest to do this. But every where I work this technique is all over the place.
If you have done a quotation - sometimes it's good to take a step backand look at the alternatives.

There is nothing worse than seeing cable held up by tie-wraps, inside or out. It protects cable from weather externally and from atmosphere indoors. Conduit allows several cable to run tidyly together.

And if there if there is a rogue forklift truck out there, it would break the conduit as well.
Ultimately you can put the additional expense to your client so the decision to go either way is up to them, without you having to express a personal opinion.

- how long are the runs outside
- how long would all weather reinforced shielded Cat 6A cable last
- are there extremes of heat / cold outside
- are indoor runs dust fee, how long would it take for the insulation to look bad