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Jiri Baum


Andrew Kohlsmith:
> As stated in my previous paragraph: do you have a list of what's needed
> (however lengthy it may be at this point)?

Curt posted the long-term general list, but I thought I'd re-post Mario's list from a couple of days back (on the assumption that few will ever look for it under the subject "cif card module").

Mario de Sousa:
>> Although we are still far from having a working IEC compiler, I feel we
>> should make a release of the plc as it is.

>> What I would like to see before making a release:

>> 1 - a tcl demo. This already exists in the demo/basic directory,
>> just needs re-organizing into an independent basic_tcl directory.
>> 2 - get the modbus modules to compile, i.e. include the function
>> that was in the old io.c file into the modbus source files.
>> 3 - a modbus demo explaining how to configure the module.
>> 4 - Debug the filtering blocks of the dsp module.
>> 5 - have the dio48 module use the new generic io library
>> 6 - a demo directory for the dio48 module
>> 7 - A user manual, probably in html format.
>> 8 - a demo directory for the il compiler (e.g. implement the chaser
>> in il).
>> 9 - A top level makefile that will make each module, and install
>> the libraries and executables into apropriate directories,
>> i.e. get all the executables into a single directory (probably
>> with sub-directories for io moduls, logic modules, utilities, ...)
>> 10 - A big demo, with some nice graphics, and realistic processes...

Personally, I'd skip number 9 (alpha release can work in the directories as they are), but if it gets done so much the better.

OTOH, I would add:

11 - finish lib/util/puffinplc.c so that it can wait for a quit point, and
then eliminate the demo/*/demo perl scripts. They were quick and dirty
hacks to begin with and should die (I can say that, I wrote them).

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