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Is it possible to create different passwords in order to force? I mean it is easy to confuse since Toolbox windows is the same for each one.

For example I want to force the signal G1.l4fd, but i have to search only "l4fd" from the correct ToolboxST and I can make a mistake doing it on Toolbox for unit G2 since the only way to differentiate them is the name at the top of the window, so I would like to create password for each unit.

Is it possible?

ToolboxST has "Protection" properties on many things, including the controller device as a whole and individual programs, tasks, and blocks. When you expand the Protection property in the Property grid, there are three levels that can be assigned passwords-Modify Data, Modify Design, and View Design. Modify Data controls forcing and live data changes--but doesn't do anything if there isn't also a Modify Design password in place. You can set a different password for different objects or devices, if you want to limit access.

Aside from passwords, ToolboxST has supported Role based access control since about V4.0 (I think), which is often a better way to control access, as it is tied to the logged in Windows user rather than a password that might get spread around.

There is also an "HMI Resource" property on each variable which can be used to control per-variable access, also tied to the logged in user (see Users and Roles in the GEH-6700 manual; users, roles and HMI resources are defined in the System configuration).

Hope that helps!
Well, if you're trying to make it harder to force in the wrong device window, you could apply a different Modify Data password to each controller. So, when you try to force and are prompted to enter the modify data password and you enter the wrong one, you won't force the variable on the wrong controller.

I'm not sure I like the approach, as once you've entered the password it is cached, so you only get the prompt the first time unless you clear the password cache (from a menu item on the window) or close ToolboxST.

In the end, you just have to be very very careful with forcing, and always double check the controller and signal name.