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I have a UCSA Mark VIe Controller made by GE and have an application where I want to setup a test bench to test the IO of some input output boards. I know I can use toolboxST in a wind turbine setup in order to see all of the IO. However, without a server is there a way of seeing this data? a location that doesn't have a server?

Basically, I want to plug a UCSA into an IO card and then plug the UCSA into a laptop running toolboxST and see the input and output values...

Can anyone help?
You're most likely going to have to create a "project" where you add the I/O cards (I/O Packs and I/O terminal boards) to the project.

You could take an existing project and edit it to include the I/O terminal boards and I/O Packs you have.

You're also going to need to have some type of IONET Switch if you have more than one I/O Pack.

It's doable, but you're probably going to be reading a number of GE Manuals and using the 'Help' feature of ToolboxST to do it.