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Dennis B

I need to learn the top 4 HMI programs ranked by market share. The only sources I have found so far charge for the information. The websites for rockwell, iFix, Wonderware are no help either. Please help me put food on the table ;^)

William Sturm

I don't know how you could learn any of these programs without actually having a copy to use.  Do any of the vendors supply an eval copy?  If so, get a hold of one and start reading the manuals.  Then you could get a cheap PLC with Modbus or similar and set up a small system to learn with.  That would be the best way to learn the basics.  Then start looking for projects, that's when the real learning starts.

Bill Sturm

Abbeytronics LLC
OK My bad. I just need a list of the top 4 HMIs by market share and their share.

I actually know how to program in InTouch, RSView, iFix and Iconics. I just do not know if they are the top sellers or not.
The only way to know that is to get a market research report from a company like VDC, which is very expensive. Or you could try contacting individual companies to get the data.

Also, I am not sure that Wonderware, etc are considered HMIs. They are SCADA systems. There is a significant difference.