Torque control of dc coreless motor


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ajit and arun

Hi Everybody!
We like to do a project involving dc coreless motor. Could any one explain how the torque on a dc coreless motors can be controlled using a microcontroller ?
The specifications of the motor are as follows:
Ironless dc brush motor
Measured values
Measuring voltage: 12V
No-load speed: 5300rpm
Stall torque: 43mNm
Average no-load current: 22mA
Typical starting voltage: 0.10V

Max recommended values
Max. continuous current: 0.95A
Max. continuous torque: 15.199mNm
Max. angular acceleration: 48000rad/sec^2
Max. power: 11W
Ajit and Arun.

Johan Bengtsson

For a DC motor the torque is proportional to current, that means
torque control is as easy as controlling the current.

Average no-load current represents the torque needed to keep it

/Johan Bengtsson

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