Torque mode DC brush servo amp


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D. Holland

I am looking for a servo amplifier with the following requirements/specifications:

Runs from single 24VDC supply
Torque mode
+/- 10V input
Linear (non-PWM) output for brush DC motors
4 quadrant operation
variable gain
current rating about 2A min
min 5KHz bandwidth

I have found a number of amps which fit most of these requirements, but am having trouble meeting all of them. Any suggestions?

Cameron Anderson

API Motion makes one. It is their Intelligent Series Mini Servo Drive. They have 2 Models and 2 different sizes. The one you need is the DS-3402d. It has the following features:
18-74 VDC input
2.5 amps cont, 5 amp peak
Cont. Power of 225 W
Accepts +/- 10VDC and more.

You can view the PDF at

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