TORQUEREFSCALE in Motiflexe180 ABB servo drive

I am currently working on an application where I am setting the mode of the operation equal to 10 (cyclic synchronous torque mode by loading the 6071h PDO in the PPMAC).

I am using the PPMAC 465 CPU as Ecat Master and ABB's motiflex e180 as EtherCAT Slave.

Drive maximum current 50A
Drive rated current 28A

To achieve accurate torque control TORQUEREFSCALE (object 506Dh) is a manufacturer-specific object used to control the scaling of object 6071h (AX0_TargetTorque_I16) when in Cyclic Synchronous Torque (CST) mode) parameter is used.

Does anyone know how to calculate the value of the TORQUEREFSCALE as per the application?

Let me know if you need any other details