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I have a Decker Industries polyurethane foam dispensing machine with a Toshiba EX40 Plus programmable controller that has apparently lost some memory. The main power supply, pumps, and temp controls work, so the machine is working, but the controller gets power in but doesn't put power through and out to the controls, so the mixing head does not work.

I cannot find anyone that has even heard of this controller, there are others online that have this unit for sale. I just want to get mine working. Can anyone out there help me?

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Bob Peterson

I don't think there's any way anybody can tell you what to do based on the description of what you are saying is happening. Someone will have to debug what's going on. It's entirely possible there's nothing wrong with the controller at all. Could be a bad output relay could be a blown fuse could be all kinds of things. You're going to have to get somebody who can debug such things. The other option is to contact the manufacturer who may have seen this before and can give you advice.