TotalFlow to SCADAPack


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Jared P.

Racking my brain trying to set up a TotalFlow 6213(Gen3) to communicate ModBus to a SCADAPack LP, with the TF as a slave and the SP as master. RS232,9600 baud, 8N1, 16bit word swapped. Trying to run from COM1 (J3 port/15pin) on TF using 15pin/RJ45, then Cat5 to SP's COM3 port. I'm seeing polls come in from SP at 15sec polling intervals. TF isn't sending data back. Using 47001-47006 as registers. Also tried 16-bit Modicon and as 32bit. Haven't tried 32-Enron yet.

Almost thinking that TF has bad Com port. Possible that it will REQUIRE a RS232 Com module?? Shouldn't but who knows?

Any ideas?? TIA