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Rick Emmerson

Hello all,

Can anyone guide me towards a micro PC with a touch screen display? Preferably I'm looking for an Embedded NT or a CE box with ethernet
capabilities. Max size I'm looking at is between 4-6" in size. I've got a VB app that can be customized for either platform and will be used in a new injection mold machine. Any ideas anyone?

Rick Emmerson.

Tanweer Ahmed

Hi Rick Emmerson,

Horner Electric has recently developed a special product called OCS (Operator Control System). Its all in one type product
specially suitable for machine manufacturors.
It has a PLC, four I/O modules (mix-n-match) and the operator interface. You can also use number of them in a network system, I don't remember exactly but probably upto 63 or 64 terminals.

Check it out.

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Brian Rode Engineered Handling Inc.

I'am using a mini-pc form advantech their cataloge is on their web-page the mini is a 6" nt or ce touch screen really inexpensive and reliable.

good luck
Brian Rode
Mr. Emmerson,

You wrote asking about a touch screen micro PC.

Have you heard of the FC2000? The guys at total control products have a small 6" Windows CE unit that can use VB and C++ apps provided you develop
them for the CE enviornment (obviously). they give you a WIN CE development package with some sample libraries right from the start, so you don't have to worry about developing in a new enviornment. I've been looking seriously at the FactoryClient 2000 for our company. Looks good so far.
check them out:

Its definately worth a look.

Good Luck!

Jamie Ryton.