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John F. Vales

I am in need of a touch-screen, preferably 15~17",
with the following features:
Thin profile
1024 x 768 graphics capable
Good visibility in brightly-lit area

Has anyone had any experience with something like this?

John F. Vales
[email protected]

Dennis Kornegay

I am never sure what "euro" styling means, but if that means "nice" then you can check out the screens by mitsubishi. They have 15" and 18" models that are upgradeable to touch. If you want to improve on their looks, go to and they have mitsu models in many finishes, suitable for the finest establishments.

Both the mitsu and viewsonic models have mounting locations on the back so you can take off the base and mount on wall. Ergo may have some fancy arms for this, too. Viewsonic used to sell touch models direct if you contact them.


Preston Todd Johnson

You might try Innova Electronics of Houston, TX. They have a wide variety of computer panels geared at outdoor use for the oil and gas industry. Of course there
are others, Dolch, Xycom, Industrial Electronic Devices, Zeller Electric,

Good Luck

Todd Johnson
Interspace Electronics
Im not sure that they will be able to meet your physical size constraints - but CIMREX has a very nice 10.4" screen with the other features you are looking for. You might want to talk to them.