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Elwaleed K. E. Hussien

I am a Sudanese Engineering, my interest to work in the field of computer based control system, although i got this topic at the unversity but i didn't get a chance to work in this field, so i spent all my time in software development , VB, VC..... for more than 7 years. So i want any firm , institute or college to get a training or practical course in this field

Jacek Dobrowolski


One of possibilities is to contact with Beckhoff company ( <> ) from Verl in Germany. They have good courses with skilled lecturers. It covers IEC 61131 programming languages, basics of their own soft PLC, control networks, distributed I/O's and many more. The disadvantage is that you would have to travel to Germany.


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thanks for your input, but Beckhoff is an international organization with resources in many countries. The training you address is available worldwide in variousl languages. Visit and contact your local Beckhoff organization. So, no disadvantage..

Gerd Hoppe
Beckhoff USA