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Zvi Marcus

Seeking available software for downloading data from Trane chillers to PC under Windows 98 via Trane's BACNet PTP interface.

Peter Whalley

You could look at one of the Building Automation System suppliers that support BACNet directly such as Alerton, Delta, Automated Logic and Tridium.

The big names such as Johnson Controls, Honeywell and Siemens (Landis) also have BACNet drivers or gateways as does CiTect. There are also a few BACNet to OPC gateways (eg Innovex Technologies).


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Fieldserver ( "": ) has a product that allows you to
convert the BACnet protocol to some other protocol (e.g., Modbus TCP). You have to configure the device (it looks like a small 4 port hub) so that it maps BACnet data to Modbus data. But once you do that, you can send and retrieve information over Ethernet cables using Modbus TCP OPC server software like that
offered by KEPWare ( "": ).

Also check out the following site:
"": . Cimetrics offers a
"gateway" product. I'm not sure it would work for your particular application and I'm not sure exactly how it works but check it out.

Hope this helps.

Christopher Williams

Yo we're coding a controller with BACNet PTP to Modbus RTU (specifically for Trane interface) we're doing the initial development with ProComm's scripting language (Aspect) -probably wouldn't take much to convert it to an executable for a WIN machine. You want us to send you some scripts?

Chris W.
I have seen the Cimetrics driver work on a Ethernet connection to a Tracer Summit (4000 Points total), Trane has a line/solution of devices to convert to MODbus RTU, and Feild Server has a similar solution.

Trane Tracer Summits are native BACnet, not a driver runing in the background product. There own workstations and Summit panels use BACnet or BACnet/IP as configured.