Tranformer Exploded Internally HV Side


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Hi there,

Our steam turbine transformer 11.5 kV step up to 132 kV 50 hz frequency 3 phase with rated capacity 110/155 MVa exploded internally on the high voltage (HV) side. The manufacturer of the Tx is Hyundai. Has this ever happened to any1 b4?

The surge arrestor on the y phase broke and has to be replaced. We ran several testings such as Response Hz test, tap changer, IR - insulation test and turns ratio test. Currently we are still waiting for the detailed report. The are few options to be considered: 1. Lay cable from the steam turbine to the GT Tx and run on half load due to the nature of the power purchase agreement. (have to run on combined cycle) 2. Swap the GT Tx with the ST Tx. 3. Purchase a new/2nd hand Tx.

After much discussion, we decide to avoid the first 2 options due to the risk imposed on the other equipments in the plant. Any1 knows where can this transformer be purchased by any chance or any Tx specialist? Any suggestions are welcomed.