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Claire McKinley

I am carrying out a project to increase accuracy of a whisky filling machine using compressive load cells in a closed loop feedback control system. However, I don't have access to equipment which would help me measure the transfer function of the load cell, and the manufacturer has never heard of it. Can anyone help with a standard transfer function? I should hopefully be able to fill in any blanks from data sheets.
I suspect the dynamics of your load cell will have little bearing on the larger control problem you're faced with. Again a guess, but you'd likely profit most from this board by stating your objectives (what you're trying to accomplish) and constraints (what equipment,
volumes, flowrates, etc you must work with) as broadly and completely as possible.

Noise, zero drift, mechanical isolation, how to incorporate the instrument in a broader control scheme, and people inadvertently stepping/leaning on the process skid will prove more important.

I've never encountered an instrument manufacturer who published transfer function data with their device.

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