Transmiting Real Time Data to PLC and PC


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I require to connect Torque sensor to PLC & PC @ atime. We require Realtime values.

Please suggest

James Ingraham

Can you be a little more specific about what you're asking? Are you looking for suggestions for a torque sensor? Or do you already have a torque sensor and want to know how to connect it to a PLC and a PC? Or how to connect it to both of them at the same time? Do you already have a PLC, or are you looking for PLC recommendations? Do you already have a software and hardware platform for your PC? Is it custom software, or is it something like LabVIEW or a SCADA package?

Not having a whole lot of detail, I did a quick google search and found some torque sensors, which seem to prefer a +/-5VDC output. How I'd handle that is to use an analog input card on the PLC, and then let the PC read the value out of the PLC via Ethernet. Yes, there will be a delay there, so it depends on how fast you mean by "realtime."

-James Ingraham
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