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John Church

We need to be able to transmit data from a remote site via a GSM phone to a plc
> Can anybody explain in basic terms how a transparent interface works?
> We need to be able to transmit data from a remote site via a GSM phone to
> a plc.

I suspect it works by the salesman calling it a transparent interface and then leaving before you realize how complicated it actually is; at least,
the phrase doesn't ring any bells.

You'll need to post what's at the remote site, what model of PLC it is and possibly what model of phone. (And what kind of phone is on the other end.) Also try google on various combinations of these words ( "": ).

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M. Harisman - Integra Teknik

If the "transparent" word is refer to physical and protocol interface, in my opinion, you will not found anything on that.

However, if the "transparent" just mean the telecommunication infrastructure, it may be possible. Normally, when it say that the
telecommunication infrastructure is transparent to the data, then it mean you just need to assure that the physical interface is same, and we will get the data in the other site is similar as what we sent.

In your case, as long as the available physical interface in your GSM phone is same with the physical interface that available in your PC/MTU and PLC/RTU, then you may could do it. Please assure that all of the available communication handshaking between the two GSM phone is performed by the communication system, and not by the PLC - otherwise you will need a special PLC.

M. Harisman