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Tim Sharp

Does anyone on the list have any knowledge about a product that ABB Instrumentation produces called a "TransWedge". It's used for measuring flow rates. I'm wanting to tie this unit into a PLC to provide the customer with "flow rate" readings. What I need to know is:

A. What are the typical outputs? (Delta PSI, Static PSI, temperature)

B. What is the type of output? (analog, high speed counter)

C. How is a Chromatograph typical used with this unit? (dynamic or set data)

Thanks for your help, Tim
It is a special purpose differential pressure flow meter. The standard output, therefore is differential pressure, and with the right transmitter and square root function, volumetric flow (usually as a 4-20mADC signal). Its primary competition is the McCrometer V-cone. Both can be hooked up to multivariable transmitters to
accept other signals, such as temperature and density.

I've never seen one used with a chromatograph.

Now, there is another product called "The Software Wedge" which is a data collection front end for Excell. That isn't what you're talking about is it?

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