Tri-color tower light (warning beacon) for machinery


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KS Neoh

Hello folks :

I would greatly appreciate if some kind folks could direct me to some sources of this kind of light.

This type of warning light is commonly found on automated production equipment, for indication of malfunctions, jams, etc.

LED powered type will be most welcome

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KS Neoh

Rais, Dave (LGE-CI)

Here are a few sources for the "tower lights": Allen-Bradley, Telemecanique,
Joslyn Clark, and Patlite.

Dave Rais
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Lockwood Greene
There are dozens of manufacturers that sell “stacking” indicator light modules. Most of the companies that make operator controls (pushbuttons. etc.) also sell these indicators. I’ve always used Telemecanique, but one complaint I have is the fact that you need to disassemble the upper sections to replace the lamps in the lower sections. Other manufacturers make bulb replacement a little easier. The LED lamps are a bit expensive, but they make up for the expense in bulb life.
Other names that come to mind are EE Controls, and Federal Signal.
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Regarding the tri-colour tower lights, the distributor RS supplies 50mm and
70mm diameter stacking beacons which can have up to five different colours.
You can see these at their web site at:

Hope this helps!

Bryan Weir.
Go to ttp://

Their Telemecanique group make a good tri color warning light

Phil Costantinou

I seem to remember Brad Harrison/Daniel Woodhead Company had a tower light
that you could dis-assemble each light individually to change the bulb,
without dis-
assembling the complete tower. I may be wrong, but I thought it was Brad
I never used them so I can't talk about their quality or durability.
BTW, I think Allen-Bradley ( has some with a device-net

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