Triconex internal variable retentiveness


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It seems that Triconex TMR PLCs will lose the values of internal variables not only if power is cycled, but also if the CPU is stopped. The 16MB of the 3008 CPU is not battery backed, only the 6MB of Flash memory. Granted, TMR CPUs, redundant power supplies, etc. the probability is low. The real concern is losing arrays of data developed during operation if the CPU is stopped and restarted. We have a constraint where we can't have a connection to a PC to act as a server to reload the arrays like might be obvious. Anyone have Triconex experience and would like to lend 2 cents? Thanks.

Dave Patterson

The Tricon system chassis that holds the 3 MPU modules has battery backup to hold the program if power is lost. Halting the program will not cause data to be lost, but all outputs will go off.

You should be using constants or local variables in your programming to retain values or settings.

If you need to capture values or inputs, you will have to program that feature.

Dave Patterson, P.Eng.