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Joe Malter

These are for unmanned stations that will have crude shipping container type buildings housing PLC control panel, telecommunications equipment, batteries for solar power system. We are particular concerned with molds, bugs, and rodent penetration into wiring and circuit boards.

I'm looking for specifications that address the environmental issues for such installations. Is anyone aware of any NEMA or IEEE standards we could/should use?

Thanks in advance.

Joe Malter
PSI Controls
NEMA4x, seal all of your conduits and entries, dehumidify and air condition the air as required, most shipping container doors will seal fairly well, but you may need to install extra door seals. Take a look at remote Cell site buildings and their general construction.

You may have problems with the air vents and such, but good steel, close weave screen is a good barrier. But remember, if there is any doubt, always be extra careful entering a remote site, who knows what you will find.

Take a look at NEC codes as well.

Also Check out this book -

worth the $75.

Matt Hyatt

Bob Peterson

Modicon used to offer such coatings on many of their PLC components. They used a MIL SPEC as I recall. IIRC, they used an outside service to conformally coat the components and would even give you the name of the company that did
the coatsing for you if you asked them.

Why not give their 800# a call and ask.

Bob Peterson