Trouble Communicating with Micro Motion Liquid Density Meter


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I am trying to change the configuration of my Liquid Density meter output to Frequency output for that i brought K3-TB (RS232 to RS485) Converter and USB to RS 232 adapter so that i can communicate it with my laptop.

But after the set up is done the software which is PROLINk 2 version 2.94 is throwing me an error saying that no device is responding.

I don't know is there any wrong with the USB to RS232 adapter or the K3-TB converter.

some one please help me out if u been in this situation before.
Assuming your software actually talks through a serial port, you need to check

- Windows' Device Manager (under ports) to see which COM port the USB adapter installed on. Then make sure that the software connects via that COM port.

- USB adapters need a driver. Did one install? Do you get the message about USB the device being found and installed properly?

- 485 2-wire line connections. I assume the RS-485 is '2 wire'. There is no fixed convention for RS-485 (+)/(-) or A/B lines, or whatever your device calls the 2 lines. If the lines are connected backwards, communications won't work, but the electronic line drivers are not damaged. Try swapping the A/B lines on one side and trying again.

You might consider getting a USB-to-RS-485 adapter to minimize issues with serial comm.