Trouble Running RSLogix and Linx


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I have installed RSLogix500 and RSLinx on my laptop. When I try to run them I get problems with the library files, rswl032.dll and RSWD32.DLL, respectively. Any tips on how to get all this working?

Trevor Ousey \(lists\)

What versions and what is your OS and service pack? The Rockwell knowledge base has a lot of these type of issues listed, one might be yours.

Windows XP Home, SP2, on a Dell Inspiron 8600. I haven't had much luck with the RS website. I was hoping someone else here had experienced the same problem.


Trevor Ousey \(lists\)


SP2 could be your problem if you are running 2.42 or less with RSLinx. Rockwell have been slow at getting their software to run on SP2, so I still run SP1 on my notebook.

Check the following Rockwell knowledgebase articles;

A100640958 - Manually configuring Windows XP Service Pack 2 for use with Rockwell Software products

A79346072 - Using Windows XP Service Pack 2 RC1 with RSView SE, RSLinx and RSLinx Enterprise

A86058399 - Configuring Windows XP Service Pack 2 for use with Rockwell Software products

R103763505 - Windows Firewall Configuration Utility for Windows XP Service Pack 2

Trevor Ousey
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Vitor da Silva

Any further information on this issue? I seem to be having similar problems...

Vitor da Silva