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As part of our engg.documentation manual to customer i need to give list of simple common problems that may occur in a running system eg. Communication error and ways to solve this problem without wasting prodcution time.I have very little experience with intellution. Can anybody give me a few problems that you find occur in most sites that are relatively simple problems and can be solved by engineer himself,Then please HELP


Monica Holbrook

Good troubleshooting tips should include:
* Verification that all communication drivers are running properly.
* Verify that no communication interruption has happened due to network hardware failure or construction issues.
* Verify that the historical collection is activated (through Mission Control panel) and that the requested tags are assigned through the Historical Assign module.

Hope this helps, I'd be happy to offer further assistance if needed.

Monica Holbrook
MMI Technologies
The most common problem is the communication error as you have mentioned .Mostly due to cable problems or PLC problems.
Also a common problem faced is the dongle not found even after the system has been running for months. Suddenly when this page pops up"demo time expired" it really shocks the maintenance.Maybe you should mention this too.
Dear RH,
I am currently working on a large scale Intellution iFIX HMI/SCADA project.

One of the most common problems is that you see ???? instead of a value or something off-color;
messages like "Field's value not known" etc. are popping up.
All this is due to communication problems HMI/SCADA <-> PLC. Check physical connecions, database / driver settings (power-tool through SCU or PDB), Mission control.
Depending on the sort of driver, you can experience driver specific problems.

Another common problem is the "no access" message, a security related problem -> user logged out.

Sometimes iFIX and or drivers behave inexplicably like unwanted rescaling of graphics, fonts other than predifined in the user preferences / driver settings etc. due to BUGS!
Intellution's iFIX is updated by installing "SIMs" Software improvement modules. Some known bugs are
fixed but sometimes those SIMs create new problems.
Make sure the latest SIMs are installed and follow
the postings by Intellution (for example the AllenBradley driver ABR was updated three times in only a couple of weeks due to required bugfixes, current: V7.23b). A good source of information is the developer's exchange on Intellution's web site, open to "iGlobalCare" customers.

I hope that this is of good help for you.
Please feel free to contact me, if you have more specific questions.

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