Trouble with Composer for ABB INFI90


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Our Composer EWSes have a nagging tendency to occasionally display false data on CLDs when viewing them in monitor mode. Or perhaps more accurately, they sometimes fail to update the displayed values after you know that a control event has taken place that should cause the displayed data to change.

For example, when one of two zero inputs into a 2-input OR gate transits to a one, the output remains zero. Analog values entering a summer may not add up at its' output. A flip-flop won't set with a one input to the set spec & a zero to the reset. Or maybe it won't reset. It's unpredictable. Our plant engineer thinks I'm halucinating because "he's never seen it".

The current work around is 1) Recognize that the displayed data is logically impossible, 2) Turn off monitor mode, and 3) Reinitiate monitor mode to force the data to refresh. This can be really annoying at best, and lead to false conclusions or actions at worst.

Anybody else ever experience this problem?