Troubleshooting Mark6e HMI Buttons Malfunction

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Then i present myself, I am Controls TA since 17 years on Alstom & GE Equipments.

During one of my assignements, I was asked by customer to troubleshoot an issue with malfunction of a selection button for the aux cooling water system on the Mark 6e HMI controling a D11 GE steam turbine.

My question is if anybody know how to trouble shoot kind of issue at site..on a Mark6e?

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It's very difficult to provide a step-by-step troubleshooting procedure, because GE has used SO MANY different types of buttons over the years--and they have used almost every type of button on some recent jobs. There are SRTP buttons, text buttons, analog setpoint buttons, SMART object buttons, and script buttons. It's really and truly a mess for many turbines.

I would suggest you obtain a definition of exactly what a "malfunction" is. Then you need to look at the application code for the auxiliary cooling water system to find what kind of inputs it uses from CIMPLICITY displays, and then use CIMVIEW to open the screen with the "malfunctioning" button and try to determine if you can see what kind of button is being used.

Buttons can be nested several layers below the uppermost, visible layer. Sometimes, you can right-click on the button, other times you have to right-click on the object the button resides in, and then start drilling down to the actual button. Other times you have to open a Frame Container to get to the object the button resides in, or to get to the button. Again, it's extremely difficult to tell you exactly how to get to the button in the CIMPLICITY display because it's not a standard method (it's not even 5 or 7 standard methods!).

Start with a good definition of the "malfunction" including if it has ever worked since it was commissioned. And, then review the application code in Mark VIe ToolboxST to see what kinds of inputs are required from CIMPLICITY (it may not be labeled exactly as coming from CIMPLICITY; the signal will likely have a _CPB suffix (if it's a logic signal), but the malfunction could be with a button that sets a temperature reference or some other analog value). Again, you need to have a good definition of what the problem is, when it started, and then you can work from there. If it's something like a temperature setpoint/reference to a PID algorithm, it might not be a button problem at all, but a PID tuning problem.

Best of luck! Please write back to let us know how you fare!!!

I thank you so much for your clear first approach and explaination on how to troubleshoot kind of issue.

Actually I left the site in question, but I told customer that he shoul refer to GE for such queries .

As it may interfere with safety of personnel and equipment, I can not take responsibility for such modification without approval from GE Engineering.

This is more clear for me with your suggestion.

The selection button was dedicated for selecting pump in close cooling water. Actually there was Mark6e multi-unit HMI for two steam turbines:

Then you select on screen, lets say for unit A, it is not doing what it should do on the other screen of unit B and vice versa. Was like "conflict" or "frozen information ".

Your guys can really be strong and powerful support for the future.

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I'm new here, I present myself as a Controls TA with GE and Siemens equipement.

Throught your experience, I need your help about the communication PDH by suing Mark VIe system.

For more information, we have three (3) DCS satations within Control room which are didecated to supervise 4 Turbo-generator (Frame 9), and the shaped problem here is there are two DCS stations can't communicate with these TG.

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Oulhadj M
Hi M Oulhadj

I would help you. If you can, tell us what kind or error message or other annunciation about communication between PDH /DCS...

Since you didnt tell us if hmi/toolbox is displaying any data communications error other messages...