Troubleshouting Foundation Fieldbus


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I join a device Pepperl+Fuchs Temperature Multi-Input(TM) Device in a H1 Foundation Fieldbus network, but the host doesn't find this device at all. It is noteworthy the led related to COM (red) is flashing and the led related to PWR (green) is permanently ON. I downloaded and installed two drivers (DD/CFF files, Device Revision 1/DD/CFF-Dateien, Device Revision 1, and, DD/CFF files, Device Revision 2 / DD/CFF-Dateien, Device Revision 2) in the FF network, but No changes were made. I checked wiring too, and it was OK. On the device, all of the eight DIP switches were in 0 (off) position. I changed some of them that were related to addressing and checked the problem several times, but still No changes were made.

I must mention the network is OK; I checked another FF devices in this
network, and their ID appeared in the host and I easily assign them to
the network.

The picture related to the device is assigned to this mail.

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I will be grateful if you guide me to solve this problem.

Thank you so much