Trying to control Modicon M340 over ethernet


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Birgir Hrafn

Good day,

I'm working on a school project where I wanted to comminicate/control my Telemecanique Modicon M340 with your standart PC desktop. So far everything that we've done has been fruitless, even a basic scan of the PLC gives a zero return.

So far I've defined the ethernet that I'm working on and created a list of "allowed" IP addresses to access the PLC.

What I'm basicly trying to do is just send a signal through my ethernet cable to activate, say %I0.1.0 or %MW1, I've created a word_to_bool where %MW1 will activate a normally open contact on my ladder diagram.

The equipment I'm using is: BMX P34 20302: CPU 340-20 Ethernet CANopen2 and BMX DDM 3202K for the output to my coils that I eventually want to activate.
This is possible. I have used some test programs from Excel to do this. I suspect your driver is not properly written.

You should be able to write to a bit or word. Have you used something like Ethereal to check the send/receive frames.

I can send you testing s/w. [email protected]
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