Trying to find GE Fanuc Micro PLC


Jack Faulkner

wow, that's an old one ;)

may want to try something like the
i just had to upgrade a couple of older
micro's and the newer models are almost
drop in replacements.
major difference is you can nolonger use
logicmaster to program it. you'll have to
get a copy of versapro.

The Micro PLC that you are after was also sold by Cegelec now ALSTOM in the UK. It was sold as an Alspa Micro and came in 2 versions a 14 point 8 in 6 0ut or a 28 point which is the one you have. I have 14 point units here under my desk but do not have a 28 point at hand. If you are still after one please contact me [email protected].
(We may have customers who may have spares they would sell.)