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Mathias Lindgren


Is there any win95/98 software for programming a Telemecanique TSX 17-20 with ladder language. What do you recomend. I have planned to use it in non commercial purpose just private usage at home controlling my house energy heating device. I hope there is one, low price and easy functional programming using a PC.

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Mathias Lindgren
you should order the PL7-2 programming software "TSXLPL722V5E" and the serial converter cable PLC-PC link "TSXTAC03" Yours Amr Rassem

Rodrigo Perez

Do you find the software for your application? I have the same problem and I am finding the software, it is DOS based and is very difficult to find. If possible, tell me where do you find it. Thanks. My e- mail is [email protected]