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Rodrigo Perez

Anyone know if there are any software to program the telemecanique plc tsx 17 2 4012? and this software is for pc or is for a special programming terminal? I need download information from this kind of plc to program in another plc (slc allen bradley). Thanks.
I think if you go to public.modicon.com and do a search for PL7-2 you should find the final un-keyed version of the software out there. There aren't really any direct links I could find, but it's 4 or 5 files. Keep in mind that PLC programmed in Grafcet (sequential function chart) and ladder. You might have some work to do to convert it to an AB. Although if you were to convert it to a Modicon Telemecanique Premium or Micro (Micro's better bet) the PL7 software for the Micro and Premium can directly import and convert those programs.


Meeuwis Bouw

The TSX17 is really two different plcs. By default you use PL7-1, an old DOS application, no dongle required. You can program the plc in ladder only. *** If there is a module TSX P1720FA plugged in, you use PL7-2, which requires a dongle. Now you have ladder and grafcet. Both programs may still be for sale from Telemecanique. Meeuwis Bouw, Superfos Packaging.
Hi, I have 2 TSX P1720FA modules that are used with TSX 17 PLC's. They have already been programmed, but the program is old and needs to be changed. I've taken a look at the chip used in the module,it's a KM28C64-25 28 DIP chip(made by Samsung I think,even though when I asked them they didnt know). Im wondering if you know if this can be removed & replaced with a new chip? If so will any 28C64 chip work or do you know where I can get them? Is this an EEPROM?
Mike Aherne,