TSX 37 Plc to Citect Communication


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Dear All,
I am trying to communicate with TSX 37 Plc to Citet by TSXPCX1031 cable.

I have alrady %MW50 address can reset by citect. But I can not show the others data like as %MW60:X1.

I have create a open conctact %MW50:X0 for reset some coil. I have converted it 40051 in citect tag and can close the contact. But if i write a other tag 400051, it was also close and open the contact.
Where the problem is? (I use Modbus RTU)

By the a digital input plc's i have creat a %MW60:X2 for showing the input digital contact. I am trying to display it by 40061.2 , but the citect does not show it by symble.

Can you give me some example of citect tag and TSX micro address?
Or give me a project of citect with tsx micro plc. Let me know what can i do for solve the problem.

Best Regards,
Lokman Hossain