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Dear Sir
I have two water treatment plants:

1.First plant:
The 1st plant I have one master TSX 3722 in the RO main control panel, and I am using TSX 3710 in the pre-treatment plant as slave, the distance between the two plants is 100 MTR and I am using the UNI TELEWAY protocol using two terminal isolation boxes (TSX PACC01), after we connected the network and run the system I find that both PLC's are master while in the configuration I put
the 2nd PLC as slave and when I send message it goes to both PLC's. So please can some body advice what shall I do to make the system working and communicating properly step by step
2.Second system:
The 2nd system I wont to use TSX 3710 as master in main control panel and I want to use two NANO PLC as slave in two local control panels (20 MTR) far from main control panel. Please advice what is the simple configuration I will use?