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I need any information for programming codes of this processor (TSX 3722) Can anybody help me? (URL, pls.) Thanks
Online training for this product is available on the world wide web. The TSX 3722 is a small PLC platform from Schneider Electric that is programmed with the PL7 software. You can view the training in english at www.modicon.com. If you need training in a different language choose the link to other Schneider sites and choose the one that best serves your need. From the www.modicon.com home page, Select "Support", then from the list of PLC's choose "Micro". If you scroll down you will see a link to "Micro online training".
TSX37 is the Modicon Telemecanique Micro PLC. What information do you need? It's a current product and all manuals and software are available from Modicon distributors (like myself).


Vincent Chapotat

The TSX37 is a good PLC. The TSX have 3 differents languages (ladder, SFC and Structured). The structured languages is very effective and easy to write. I have a good experience on the Schneider PLC (communication, analog, ). if you need help, mail me your problem. You can find a lot of training in the help of the PL7 programming software. [email protected]