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Albert Li

I have a TSX 67 420 which is programmed with XTel V4 in 1993. My PLC is still running but I want to buy a set of programming tools for program
upload/download. What could I choose?

Chris Kellock

There is no current software for those PLCs. The TSX67 is obsolete. You would be looking at the old DOS software, like the Xtel you mentioned. I don't know if perhaps the old PL7-3 software would work, I'm not that familiar with the TSX67. But I do know your chances of buying software for it now are very minimal.

Fernando Capelari - Schneider Brazil

Dear Albert,

The information that Chris gave you is not correct. Although the TSX47 PLC family was replaced by the Modicon TSX Premium family (TSX57) you can still order replacement parts. You can order the XTEL CD package. The actual version of XTEL is 6.1. It brings the PL7-3 programming tool integrated.
If you worked with the old versions of XTEL and PL7-3 in 1993, probably you used a hardkey to be able to access the software. Nowadays, the
hardkey does not exist. It is a softkey installed by floppy disk.
I am on vacation now and I do not remember the complete part number of the XTEL 6.1 package. But if you make contact with your Schneider
sales office or distributor, they should be able to give you the part number and the price.
Remember that XTEL runs above OS/2, not Windows.

Best Regards,

Fernando - Schneider Brazil
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Gilles Habel

XTEL with PL7-3 are the two minimum pieces of software that you need. Right now, you can order the latest version of XTEL (V6) and the latest version of PL7-3 and you will be able to program any V4 and V5 processors. XTEL must be install on a PC with OS/2.

Gilles Habel
Schneider Electric (Canada)

Björn Broo, Sweden

You need XTEL program and PL7-3. They are running under OS/2 platform!. Take contact with your local Telemecanique dealer.
God luck

Kurt O. Monnig

You need OS/2 Warp v3 or v4 to run the XTEL Software Workshop. The Warp v4 CD (available from IBM?) has a computer compatibility list that
will guide you on the selection of a computer. Many older laptops are coming off-lease and are available cheap. Search "used laptops" on
the web. Use the list to select a computer before attempting to install OS/2. If you get a computer not on the list, certain things may
not work, like PCMCIA, screen or network. You need a floppy drive, a hard drive of 500 meg, a CDROM drive, a parallel port and a serial

You also need a Telemecanique TSX TAC 03 RS-232 to 20 mACL Converter box to connect to the terminal port of the TSX.

XTEL v6 is available from Schneider Automation(www.modicon.com)

You also might be at some risk of a processor battery failure due to the age of your equipment. Get backups of your program and data for the SX and any other devices connected to it(XBT, CCX, etc). The battery is soldered to the board, so replacement is not something you can do
with the machine powered up.

My company (Monnig Technologies Ltd) provides programming support for the TSX7 Model 40 processors, XBT and CCX terminals as well as current odicon and Telemecanique products.

Best of luck!