TSX Micro 37-22 Cable Connection


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Shishir Gupta

I require to communicate with TSX Micro 37-22 PLC with PC using P7 software. Please tell me is TSX Micro programming port 485? What is the cable connection required if I have to communicate with PC using RS485 to RS232 convertor?

Shishir Gupta

To go directly from a PC (9-pin, RS232) to the TER port on the PLC (RS485), use a part number TSXPCU1030. It has an RS232 to RS485 adapter in the middle of the cable that draws power from the TER port on the PLC. (It will not work through the AUX port.) I used one of these today and this is the part number on that cable.

Dan Truitt
The best cable allowing a very good communication between a TSX37-XX (RS485 interface) with a PC (RS232 port) has the following reference:
"TSX PCX 1031".

Associated to the last Unitelway windows-drivers, it allows reliable communication with the best timings even with a very fast PC or with active power management.


Shishir Gupta

Thanks for your reply.
I have around 20 rs232 to RS485 convertors in my inventry. I want to use them for PLC programming.
Can you provide me the details of Ter port pin to converter 485 side and Converter Rs232 to PC details.

Shishir Gupta