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Customer has 3 Nano PLCs, with analog inputs, so the Modbus link is not available. We need to get some analog values out of the PLCs and over to a Quantum PLC or a SCADA package. The Quantum is on ethernet and Modbus Plus, neither of which is in this location yet, but can easily be run.

Does anyone know of a bridge or concentrator to bring multiple Unitelway devices like Nanos up to a higher-level network?

One option you have is to take the analog outputs of the nano PLC to a transducer that talks modbus and/or ethernet. This link will take you to the Bitronics powerserve xducer. "http://www.bitronics.com/powerservent.htm":http://www.bitronics.com/powerservent.htm

This has a modbus output on RS232 and ethernet.
This may be overkill though. There is a simpler, cheaper xducer bitronics makes that has analogs in and modbus rs232 out. We use it to get
current and potential readings from high voltage power lines.
From the xducer, we use a SCADA RTU with a MODBUS Server port and can map it to numerous other client protocols. If you have an RTU that
talks MODBUS, you can set up a MODBUS client in the RTU so your quantum PLC can poll the RTU for its data.

I dont know much about PLC's yet but if you can setup the xducer as a MODBUS slave and setup your Quantum PLC as MODBUS master, then you can
bypass the RTU alltogther and your Quantum can poll the xducer. But ,like I said, I'm not well versed in PLC's.

About the bridge, There is another device Lantronics make; Modicon sells; called a MODBUS ethernet bridge. Its takes MODBUS RS232 on one
side and ethernet out. You can map multiple MODBUS slaves to one IP address. Its possible to
take a modem splitter and attach multiple MODBUS devices to and input into the MODBUS ENET bridge. heres a link.


I hope this helps.

Robby Ervin