TSX Premium and XBTGK UniTelway connection using conn. boxes


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I have an application with a PLC [TSX P57 203M] and Magelis [XBTGK 2330]. To connect this equipments together we use two derivation boxes [TSX P ACC 01] and TSX SCA 62, as we need a plug for future updates.

The connection is as follows:

[TSX P57 203M] ---> [TSX P ACC 01] default cable (the one provided with TSX P ACC)

[TSX P ACC 01] --> (TSX CSA100) -->[TSX SCA 62] to J2 terminal

[TSX SCA 62] --> (XBTZ 908) --> (XBTZG909) --> [XBTGK2330]

I want to configure the devices to connect via UniTelway protocol. Could you please help me with some information on how should I configure the switches on the two boxes (master-slave switch, connection end switch ) and addresses in the devices.

I have tried three days but I think I make a mistake somewhere. I have a really bad dead line with this project.

I am using the PL7 Pro v4.5 and Vijeo Design tools.

I would really appreciate any piece of help I can have.

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