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I have a problem with Telemecanique TSX Premium PLC. It is only one rack assembly, with some extension modules like CANopem, 2x AS-i, 1x analog input, 2x digital I/O, Counter and few Ethernet modules. Just to make it clear: i haven't modified anything in the system in the last year.

The problem is that it at some random moment one part of the production line just stops. The only trace that I found is a fault in the Diagnostic viewer of Unity Pro software. I also know that all the nodes on one AS-i bus show error for about a second. That is probably the cause of the line part stopping. The other AS-i bus seems to work fine, but haven't confirmed that yet.

The fault message from Diagnostic viewer is %S119 Local I/O fault Area: 0. What exactly is the fault about. Is it the PLC or some other module in the rack? I'd be very grateful, if someone could give me a hint about what to do or what to check next.

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This could be programming......hardware....etc. etc. Without being online with the plc when this occurs its a wild goose chase.

Having said that, in the last few years there were a couple of Premium cpu's that were called back by Schneider. We had to replace quite a few due to processor errors. One cpu version that was called back kept on jumping out of run mode.

The last was during this year. I think you need to check with Schneider agent regarding this.
Thank you very much for your answer.

I got contact with local Schneider representatives. They are working on solutions At the moment. And I've been online at the very moment of this happening, but nothing can be seen in a short second of the fault duration. The PLC is about 5 years old for now. It has been already changed once. Last time it got toasted due to welding repair works on the line.