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Mattias Axelsson

Problem when connecting ENT 110 00 to network which have some form of DHCP-server.

The ENT 110 00 tophat sends bootp-message after powerup. Its would be very useful to have some way of making it stop doing that. Otherwise it will get a new address each time it restarts if its connected to a network using DHCP.

Anyone else have the same issue?

Robert Willis

<P>Go to <a href="http://www.modicon.com">www.modicon.com</a> and download the meiov108.bin file and update the flash.</P>
<P>NOTE: This version requires the 1.02 kernel to be loaded prior to loading the 1.08 flash.</P>

Exec. v.1.08 (meiov108.bin) & Kernel v.1.02(meiok102.bin) 3/25/02
Please reference Resolution #1220 (ENT11000execv108 E1220.doc) before loading
the Kernel and Exec.
1) Fixes unequal length register I/O mapping.
2) Fixes unnecessary bootp sequences after a save to flash command is

Robert Willis<BR>
Square D Company<BR>
Houston, Texas

Fernando Capelari - Schneider Electric B

Did you store the IP address of the ENT top hat on its flash memory?
If you do that, the ENT will have a permanent IP address (that you can change after if you want) and will not send bootp messages anymore.

Gijsbert-Jan Welp

You should have read the 170 ENT 110 00 Ethernet Communication Adapter User Guide 870USE11200 and then you could have know that what you want is not possible. The ENT always will start with: Requesting the IP Address.

After completing its initialization, the adapter requests its Ethernet IP address from a BOOTP server. The adapter uses its MAC address with the BOOTP protocol over the Ethernet network. This bit can be found on page 8 of this manual. I assume you have this manual.

If not it can be found on "www.schneider-automation.com":http://www.schneider-automation.com . Select under PLC & I/O Momentum and there choose manuals.


Mattias Axelsson

Thanks for all replys.
Yes I have read the manual where it says that the ENT allways sends bootp-requests at startup. But I thought that perhaps there was a way of making it stop do that. Perhaps I should look in to another solution. Ill keep on trying.

Robert Willis' answer above about the exec upgrade will stop those requests, since once it has an IP address saved to flash, it's not going to ask for an IP address.
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