TSX7 communication software and interface


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Masoud Sadeghi

We have an TSX7 telemecanique plc which is linked to a PC. the pc has a special card inside for communication with the plc. we can make plc program backup by this kind of communication. This backup is basicaly some hexadecimal codes, but for debugging and fault study purposes it is necessary to get online to the PLC directly through the serial port.

Gilles Habel


You need to give me more informations.

On the processor, have you a number (a big one and just under, perhaps a small one) written at the top of the module? If yes, give me those numbers. If not, you need to remove the module to read the sticker. Don't do it if your machine is in production; e-mail me at "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected] and we will try yo use other tricks to find the type of processor.

Gilles Habel