TSX7 V5 SCI Port FIP Programmable Controller (TSXP87455E)


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I have a Telemechanique controller, model # TSXP87455. I do not have a cartridge for it, just a rack, power supply and IO. Can any advise me on the following:

(1) Can I go online and perform any tests without a cartridge/module installed ?

(2) What is the part # for the cartridge/module for this controller ?

(3) I belive XTEL includes PL7-3 functionality. Can I use XTEL to go online to this controller and if so, which version do I require ?

(4) I have located some software in relation to this controller. One file is called 'PL7-3.BIN'. How do I use this file ?

(5) I believe XTEL runs on a PC on OS/2. Can I access the controller with a passive lead, using the RS232 port on the PC(pinouts please) or do I need something more ?

Many thanks in anticipation of any assistance and please feel free to contact me directly.

julian.brotherson [at] lektronix.co.uk