TSXETG100 MODBUS Communication Lost


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I have two units of Connexium TSXETG100. First unit is connected to the equipment via MODBUS TCP/IP, and its serial port connected to the second unit a 180m distance RS485 MODBUS RTU 2-wire, it also has terminating 160-ohm resistors. So the first unit as slave and second as master.

The communication however, anytime it occurs lost, until I take out the power from the first unit, and then put it back in. Does it matter with the distance? I'm planning to change the baud rate. Any other suggestions please?

je :)

1. have you checked on the dip switch settings on the units?
2. Any ID clash between the MODBUS slaves
3. Try baud rate at 9600.
4. Is the data cable mixed with other power cables?
5. try the end termination at 120ohm?

Just my thoughts .. Thanks