TTL Optically isolated breakout block?


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Marc Bumble

Can anyone recommend a low cost TTL break out block which is optically isolated. The intent is to protect the TTL input and outputs on PLC PCI cards under test from the test gear and visa versa. Seeking blocks of 20 pins or greater. Visual LED signal indicators would be a
helpful addition.

Looking for recommendations, suggested suppliers and contact info.



Curt Wuollet

How about free?

Well, almost. Parts cost only.

I designed a ttl to industrial (24V) logic translator card that has opto isolation 24 in 24 out. You can get the cards fabbed overnight at low cost and stuff them as you see fit. (you probably don't need the .5A drivers) The artwork is free with BOM and diagrams. If you want to change something the source is included for PCB which is also free and runs unser Linux. This should get you exactly what you want at very low cost. Card interface is pin headers (ribbon Cable), world interface is std. automation wire connectors The package is avalable at the MAT website or mail me.