Tuning Modicon PCFL PID Controllers


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Steve Hui

Hello everybody,

Could somebody with experience setting up a PID controller using the Modicon PCFL PID logic block please help me out or refer me to some reference material to help me figure out how I should go about setting up my PID controller.

There is a heating element and a cooling element that I need to connect to be used. Do I need 2 seperate PID controllers or can I somehow use the same PID controller for both?

Why are you using the PCFL, PID block and not the PID2 block? My suggestion would be use the PID2. There is not as much information needed for the PID2. The Modicon block library book has an example on the block. If you need a copy of this book let me know and I can get one to you.
It is suffitient the use of Peltier element and only one bipolar output for themperature stabilization.