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Struan Hawkes

There are reportedly a number of training suppliers offering CFSE accreditation training.
Who are these ?

Also what is the industry acceptance for the new accreditation program ?

Edward M. Marszal, P.E.

The number of companies that offer training in preparation for the TUV Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE) exam is small but growing. Currently, the only company that provides these courses specifically is Exida (www.exida.com). Although, the skills that are required , which range from HAZOP to reliability analysis, are provided by a number of organizations ranging from ISA to AIChE and includes consulting companies such as EQE and Wilfred Baker Engineering.

The knowledge about CFSE accreditation is small, but growing. There is a large movement among some companies to require CFSE's perform SIS work, as they have been burned in the past by people who didn't know what they were doing. That being said, there are only ~9 people world-wide who have received the certification, so that market is rather small at the moment. As the equipment vendors who supply SIS parts become accredited (Honeywell Safety Management Systems has 5 of the 9 CFSE's), this feature will become a tool to differentiate their product, and then more engineering contractors and equipment vendors will follow suit.

I do not see a lot of end users seeking accreditation. I see the strongest use of the accreditation coming from vendors, systems integrators, and consultants who want to have a third party certification that they are competent as a sales tool.

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