Twincat 3 and Kollmorgen Servostar 700 drives.

Hello dear colleagues

I am new to Twincat and at Kollmorgen drives and i got some issues configuring the ethercat network. The manuals from both manufacturers seems poor to me at least, and from Kollmorgen side totally outdated since the instructions are still for Twincat 2.

I followed the instructions from both and i managed to add the Ethercat drive into my project, i can read the Status Word from the Drive, i can read the position of the motor, but when i try to enable it from the Twincat panel and try to jog, i get a Fault code that the Drive is not ready or the enable missing (it's not). Sadly everything looks fine but i cant get it to work. Also noticed that the drive Status never goes to OP MODE, and when i try to do it manually it gets back to SAFE OP.

Does anyone have any experience from this Controller + Amplifier combination?

Thanks in advance
Looking forward for your answers.