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Vladimir Degtjarev

Dear Lists!
Can anybody answer my question.
I have Modbusplus with several PLC and some industrial PC based data oscilloscops.
Can I connect these devices in a) one network(modbusplus), b) to one server using
Ethernet for network for oscilloscops , c) anothe variant of connection.

Thank you in advance.
Vladimir Degtjarev
Novosibirsk, Russia
Install a Modicon SA85 (?) ModbusPlus board and ModbusPlus DDE server
software in one of the PC's. You can then use NetDDE to access the PLC data
from any other computer connected via ethernet to the DDE server computer.
Your data oscilloscope software may or may not be able to read or serve DDE
data; I do not know what it is. OPC is another possibility.

Brett Hulett
TransAmerican Automation, Inc.

Steve McAlpin


You should be able to set up a both option one will be more expensive than
the other. First you can connect both networks to the same server using an
SA-85 card in the server to communicate to the modbus+ network and use
Ethernet for the network of oscilloscopes. The next option is the more
expensive one if you would like to have only one network. You can convert
your modbus+ plc's to Ethernet and then communicate that way. Modicon does
have plc's that communicate Ethernet. Hope this helps you out.
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